Bedrock Geosciences is a multidisciplinary consultancy which specialises in the field of radioactive waste management and geological sciences



Bedrock Geosciences has over two decades of experience in radioactive waste management, geosciences and international project management.

Areas of expertise include:

  1. documentation support – multi-media presentations, documentation QA, proof reading, report/book editing More...
  2. data mining - carried out by focused and experienced staff who are capable of a true, critical evaluation of the data More...
  3. geochemistry – design of analytical programme, field work, data management, interpretation, reporting
  4. geology – field work, mapping, interpretation, reporting, logistical support and planning
  5. hydrochemistry – groundwater modelling, dating, groundwater protection, remediation, data management, interpretation, reporting
  6. integrated R&D – programme design, information management, interpretation – and integration for performance assessment More...
  7. KMS – knowledge management systems – how to most appropriately hold on to and further develop your company’s knowledge base
  8. laboratory programmes – design, management, outsourcing, reporting, interpretation
  9. M&A – defining market and clients, designing dedicated campaigns, client contacts
  10. materials testing  - long- and short-term tests, in situ testing, novel materials, cement degredation
  11. natural analogues - design and implementation, management, interpretation and utilisation of results, reporting
  12. performance assessment – scenario definition, FEPs, uncertainty, comparison with natural systems
  13. project management – data mining, definition and design, accounting, QA, contracting More...
  14. public relations – defining stakeholders, dialogue with stakeholders, understanding stakeholder concerns More...
  15. QMS – define and develop quality management systems which make sense for you – a well thought out QA programme will save time and effort by avoiding repeat sampling, analysis or interpretation
  16. radiochemistry – experimental design, in situ testing, environmental radiation, radioprotection
  17. repository design – novel vs existing concepts, optimisation, operational safety
  18. sequestration of CO2 - all aspects of carbon capture
  19. technical review – QA’d review procedures, building and managing review teams
  20. training courses – design, teaching and direction of courses and workshops
  21. URL projects – design and implementation, management, interpretation and utilisation of results, reporting
All of this is backed-up by strong interpretation and reporting skills – see below for a small selection from over 100 scientific papers, technical reports and magazine articles. More....
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